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We are delighted about your interest in cooperation with delosfoto photo agency.

As we are a small agency by now, we are currently presenting only a small amount of images.

This is why we are constantly searching for technically unobjectionable and appealing photos of ambitious photographers.

We are particularly happy with outstanding images containing themes, delosfoto is not yet able to represent.


Company profile delosfoto GmbH


delosfoto was founded in 2012 and started with a stock of 15.000 images.

We offer creative pictures from the sectors nature, culture, economy and lifestyle.

Up to now delosfoto already provides an amount of symbolic images and is expected to expand in this field with more photos from the topics food, science, technology, industry and people.

Special attention is paid to competent advise to our customers.

Delosfoto is no microstock-agency, but tries to attain reasonable prices for image usage for our photographers.


CDPR and photographed persons


1. Prominent persons appearing in the picture. With such pictures one recognizes clearly that the person is center of the picture statement.

For pictures with content (1) we require a model contract. Exceptions are persons of contemporary history for current reporting.

For all other persons the copyright law already secures the right to their own picture, which states that such pictures may not be published. Participants of a sports event are not people of contemporary history!


2. persons who appear as accessories in the picture, as in pictures of cities, sights, landscapes.

Persons on pictures with picture contents (2) can take action against publication of the pictures. Therefore it must become clear on the picture that person(s) are an unavoidable accessory. This is generally guaranteed when people are small compared to the size of the image. A person in the foreground of a picture is not an accessory.


3. pictures with people from all kinds of events

In the case of pictures with image content (3), a distinction must be made between public events accessible to everyone and closed events. Closed events require not only the observance of the right to one's own image of the photographed persons, but also the permission of the organizer. In the case of such images, it must be checked from case to case whether publication is legally possible.


4. Images that enable the identification of persons (e.g. images with recognizable vehicle registration plates)

All characteristics in an image must be removed if they allow conclusions to be drawn about a certain person.

delosfoto GmbH does not include pictures that do not meet the listed criteria in the database.

In the absence of other jurisdictions, delosfoto GmbH will follow the proven guidelines of the KUG until further notice.


Photographers are our partners

We are trying to obtain the best price in the market for the real image usage.

At present this seems to be a thin line: there are a lot of pictures offered by microstock-agencies at unbeatable conditions. Customers take their stuff from those sources without a reasonable user's fee.

Delosfoto does not believe in this development - for the effort of shootings are huge and it doesn't seem to be a profitable business for photographers.

With immediate effect delosfoto offers a completley new pricing model.

Customers have to answer five simple questions about the planned usage of an image and get the ruling price at once.

The invoicing of our photographers will be performed during the agreed period of time. The information contained therein are: image, image number, intended use, sales price and the photographer's share. Work performed for the photographers and advertising measures will be deducted.

The transfer of the total amount will be made promptly. It is not necessary to generate an invoice, for we create a credit memo.

Information and support


delsofoto supports their photographers in many ways, to facilitate the extensive work.

  • The supply of tags for the image description out of tables to prevent spelling errors.

  • Prepared property rights statements, which assures us, that you are the owner of the image. This as well serves the photographer as a storage verification received by delosfoto.

  • Downloadable information about legal issues, image editing, photo tendencies.

  • Downloadable model or property contracts.

  • The possibility to export all your images contained in our database in tabular form.

  • A requirement-list, with topics customers asked for, but could not be offered yet.


If you have questions or requests, feel free to contact us any time.

Sales opportunities

Unfortunately it is not possible to make a statement about the sales revenues.

In this contestable market your photos' sales opportunities depend on

  • uniqueness

  • technical quality

  • correct indexing (keywords)

  • level of originality

  • exclusiveness

and - last but not least - the quantity. Customers pay as well attention to the imagery of a photographer. If you deliver good pictures continuously, it is more likely to be considerated.

Submit an application!


If you like our agency profile, introduce yourself.

Images offered by other photo agencies will neither be rated, nor assumed. This is expressly excluded in the contract.

The image data has to be flawless - technically and qualitatively.

To get a detailed overview of your work, please send us 100-200 motives, sorted by topics (such as geographical location, still life, concepts,...). Quality before quantity.


Please take account of our terms, regarding personal and property rights.


The pictures should include a detailed image description (in Photoshop „Image Information“). Images you cannot deliver with any base data (shooting date, description, location), expire without compensation for the marketing – no matter how good they are.


After we checked your material we will contact you as fast as possible, to discuss any special requests or eliminating problems.


The sampled offer does not automatically constitute a contractual relationship. The images will not be published as well.

Further approach


  • Contract

  • Property rights

  • Right of exploitation

  • Fees/Billing


If you think, your work fits in delosfotos' terms and if we like your photos, we send you a draft contract. After discussing all contractual modalities with you, the contract is signed by both parties.


Afterwards you get the login details for the database. Using the enclosed form the database access confirms the property rights of the stored images and transferes the rights of exploitation to delosfoto.

After the uploading process (which is done by delosfoto) is finished, the photographer settles the necessary description quickly.


Due to the login details, enclosed documents, information and the photographers' invoice are downloadable.

delosfoto's image database


  • Language

  • Specification scales

delosfoto basically works bi-lingual. The choice is yours: make your entries in german or english. Nearly all image descriptions can be found in specification scales. This imposes a certain measure of uniformity and provides spelling mistakes. The table content has been already translated. There are only two entry fields left to customize with bi-lingual plain text.

Technical standards


  • Technology

  • Editing

  • Upload

Use the suitable equipment for your shootings.

Your image data is made available via DVD, hard drive, usb stick or a web service like „Dropbox“.

We only accept .tif as original file format, for we expect it to be future-proof.

For your image submissions please respect the Picture delivery photographers.

Adhere to the prescribed standards, so your pictures can be further processed.

It is necessary, that the required photo editing is already done before the publishing.

The uploading process is managed by delosfotos' employees. We are going to inform you when you can commence your descriptions.

Diverging from the prescribed standards, we will also offer images taken with Smart phones in the future.

Image description and base data


A picture says more than 1000 words. That's right, but not the way an image search works. Pictures are searched and found with a precise and diligent context.

  • Shooting date

  • Photographic medium

  • Caption

  • Additional descriptive data

  • Statement of place

The base data include fundamental image data.

The shooting date is an important tracer for the actuality of a photo. At least year and month has to be specified.

The following declarations, concerning the photographic medium, are taken from tables.

The fields „Caption“ and „Location“ are the only entries left to customize with bi-lingual plain text (German and English).


Use common names and avoid the plural, especially in German. Place yourself in the mind-set of the buyer: which terms will he use for the search?


The following fields describe the Statement of place, the contents are chosen from the scales.

Additionally comes a field „Heritage Site“, where the appropriate World Heritage Sites are listed, sorted by country and can be chosen.


You as photographer merely deliver a short text – most suitable along with the image transmission – naming all countries, federal states and villages where you took the pictures. Table-contents are chosen by entering the first letters. In the next image the contents of the last picture are suggested.

Image description technical data

  • Image manipulation

  • Format

  • Lightning mood

  • Time of day

  • Dominating image color

An image manipulation (edit out, addition, unite,...) has to be declared here.

Format, lightning mood and time of day are important search criteria for the customers.

The dominating image color is calculated automatically by a proven algorithm and accordingly shown in the image search.

The document “Base data and document data” contains an overview about mandatory fields and base data.

The document “Image description” contains a detailed description with a lot of examples.



  • Persons in the picture

  • Available model and property contracts


For persons in the picture a large text entry field is provided.

Available model and property contracts should be listed here.

We expect the duplicates of the authorizations along with the image transmission.

Sublokation, Erläuterung: Währung, Geld, Euro, Münze
Staat, Bundesland, Ort: Deutschland BRD, Hessen, Groß-Umstadt
Aufnahmedatum 2015, March
Filmtyp: Digital
Dia format Digital
Manipulation -
Kamera Canon EOS 6D
Pixeltiefe 16 Bit
Farbraum Adobe RGB
Beleuchtung Kunstlicht Lampe
Tageszeit Innenraum Aufnahme
Farbe Ok
Anzahl der Pixel 5471 x 2472

Special image descriptions


The majority of photos are not filling the gap in the market anymore. The world is photographed completely. For every topic possible there are millions of images available. The editors' problem is to find the right one.

Tags are representative terms in text format, which describe the photo accurate and as specified as possible. So you can find one special picture out of an almost infinite large number of pictures.

delosfoto tries to mind-set the customers thoughts. What terms will be used? If delosfotos' image search doesn't find the entered text, suggestions concerning the category the search word is in, are made. The specified scales obtain the uniformity of the tags and spelling mistakes are provided.

A further specificated tagging ensures the success of the customers' search.

delosfoto offers the topics

  • Image technology and Image content

  • Sentiment

  • Nature

  • Culture

  • Economy

  • Lifestyle

  • Sports

We distinguish between representative tags, which describe the content and conceptual tags, which describe an association triggered by the image.

Image technology and content describe the image content (people, objects, shooting situation).

Sentiment describes the feeling, that might trigger off emotional reactions in the viewer.

Nature holds scales for the subcategories landscape, weather, animal, plant species and part of the plant, rocks and minerals.

Culture includes suggestions concerning architecture, education, religion, scene, museum/exhibition and research/science.

Economy holds suggestions like agency, profession, currency, trademarks, traffic and industry.

Lifestyle has contents like Food and Drinks, Residence and Office, Hobby, leisure time and Health.


The categorization of all tags follows the IPTC-NAA standards.


Here are some examples summarized for you:



Image content / Detailed Picture
Image content / 1 Object
Image content / Without Persons
Sentiment / Well-being
Sentiment / Relaxation
Sentiment / Fatigue
Sentiment / Pleasure
Sentiment / Laziness
Sentiment / Satisfaction
Nature / Landscape / Coastline
Nature / Landscape / Beach
Nature / Landscape / Sea
Nature / Animal / Mammal, Mammalia / Leopard Seal
Nature / Weather / Snow


Image content / Concept
Image content / Header Text Clearance
Image content / 1 Object
Image content / Multiple Objects
Image content / Without Persons
Image content / Contrast
Sentiment / Horror
Sentiment / Decompostion
Sentiment / Destruction
Sentiment / Dramatic
Economy / Industry sector / Finance and Insurance / Monetary Authorities-Central Bank
Economy / Currency / Euro
Lifestyle / Residence / Banknote
Lifestyle / Residence / Scissors
Image content / Multiple Persons
Image content / Long Shot
Image content / Dynamic
Image content / Look to the Right Side
Image content / Angular Shot side view
Image content / Adult
Sentiment / Fun
Sentiment / Power
Sentiment / Haste
Sentiment / Adventure
Sentiment / Vitality
Nature / Landscape / Tree
Nature / Weather / Overclouded
Culture / Szene / People at work
Economy / Occupation / Athlete
Lifestyle / Free time / Sports
Lifestyle / Hobby / Bicycle
Sentiment / Adventure
Sentiment / Enthusiasmn
Sentiment / Calmness
Nature / Landscape / Mountain, Hill
Nature / Weather / Blue Sky
Lifestyle / Free time / Adventure
Lifestyle / Hobby / Camping

Optimize sales opportunities


Recognize present trends


Fashion trends are changing, technical devices become obsolescent. Image transmissions on a regular and frequent basis can complement and improve your portfolio and thereby optimize your sales opportunities.

Examine magazines, periodicals and publications, especially those ones, you are offering pictures for. That's the easiest way to get known of the demands.

Take a look at and other photo agencies for skips in the current stock of images.

If you copy other motifs, do it in a different way and better.

Recurring themes shows your calendar: Christmas, New Year's Eve, Carnival, Easter, holidays and summer again show up completely surprisingly, but the dates are predictable. Your photos should be uploaded at least 15 weeks before.

Information by the competitors


If you have an idea for your next picture, take a look at the competitors and do it better!

Be interesting


A good shot comes, if you are interested in the motif. Photos taken besides are most likely to be common, and there are a lot of those ones. Explore your motif from every angle and take extraordinary shots.

The better you know the motif, the better you can represent it from it's best side.

Use technical tools, like the cardinal points, to find out the best time for a shooting and be focused.



Customers like creative and extraordinary images.

Examine the media, even the competitors of delosfoto. Try to take shots from a different view. Even a specific light spot or a reflection can turn a cheap and boring micro-stock image into something original.

Shoot your environment


No environment is as boring as some images made it appear. And as a resident photographer you have the best conditions to take amazing photos. Celebrations, locally typical food, traditions and folk costumes offer multifaceted picture motifs.

Show the details, which are not shown by other photo agencies. As a resident you will find the hidden ancles, off the tourist paths. React quickly to atmospheric light.

If you already shot the obvious motifs, extend your radius of action.

Create a dream


The green palm tree in front of a perfect blue sky, on a white beach merging into a turquoise-blue sea, illustrates the perfect dream of a relaxed holiday. Such a picture is expensive for the photographer, while the estimated profit remains uncertain. Images should be credible and consistent. A banker should wear suit and tie, while using a smartphone, a roofer needs black working clothes and a roofing hammer.

Back light photographs often tend to be fantastic, particularly when the sun doesn't show up directly.

Sequence of pictures


The composition for object or concept photography takes a lot of time. But even more time can be anticipated, doing a shooting with models.

Too much effort for one or only a view pictures.

Tell an illustrated story. Create images by modifying the directions of perspective and illumination.

Describe metamorphically the development of your motif. This also applies to exterior shots. General or frontal view, perspective and details result in a story.

Ideally, one can compose a report, with all its pictures taken from delosfoto.


Image sets


Be critical relating to the technical quality of your photos.

Blurry images, bad or unprocessed pictures, pixelated or incorrectly exposed ones don't fit in the offering of a photo agency. There are, as always, some exceptions to confirm the rule.

Provide images as much as possible.

In times of digital photography there is no use for duplications, except the processing is completely different.

Due to the rising quality you are asked to provide us images from every media – even smart phones. However, those pictures must represent outstandingly powerful imagery.

Legal regulations


There are a lot of legal regulations, which differ from country to country and can be modified by the legislator.

delosfoto accepts no liability and provides no guarantees, whatsoever, as to the correctness or completeness of the following indications.


As a photographer you alone are responsible for the provided images. As a matter of course we will let you know, if there appear to be any problems. But lately you must ensure, that the motifs are free of any legal claims of third parties or that you have the necessary permits, to use and commercially exploit the pictures.


Basically you have to distinguish the exact purpose of use in Germany. Because the restrictions are not so narrowly defined, there are many possibilities in the category „Editorial“ (newspapers, magazines, travel-guides, books, etc.).

Advertisment and proprietary products show more stringent requirements. A website always is advertisement, unless the products listed in „Editorial“ are promoted. A more detailed explanation of the differences is provided in the following sections.



An image is the intellectual property of the photographer. delosfoto grants rights of use, but the photographer remains in ownership.

delosfoto also has to take account of the intellectual property of others, which is why not every photo can be used commercially. You are free to take photos from whatever you like, but not every picture is allowed for commercial usage and therefore won't be published.

It's the photographers' duty to ensure, that the provided images are free of any legal claims of third parties.


Editorial: allowed, a minor risk remains
Advertisement: impossible


Every single person has a right to their own likeness. As a matter of priority, this restricts the photographer's copyright.

Photos of crowded places, without the possibility of identification of persons, are free for every type of utilization, even advertisement.

In particularly cases pictures containing few people, can be free for editorial usage, but certainly not for advertisement.

Shots from single persons, even in a crowd of people, can cause difficulties, if identification is possible. Under no circumstances a promotional purpose is allowed.

Portraits of individual persons, even taken during public events, are neither allowed for editorial, nor for commercial usage. Exceptions are provided for historic personalities.

In case of doubt, you should ask delosfoto for comments. It is not crucial, whether you or others know the motif, but if the photographed person recognizes itself.

To play it safe, you should have a written model-release (which gives you the models' permission for publishing and utilization).

For some events (pleasure, sports, music, theater, etc.) special accreditation might be necessary. Without these permissions it is not allowed to publish and exploit taken photos, even if there are no persons depicted.



There is no image of Disney-figures to be found at any photo-agency. This is because the Disney-Group does not tolerate any commercial use of their intellectual property.

This also applies to nearly all images, which provide contents from comics, video games, movies or cartoons. There are mostly no exceptions for editorial usage.


Editorial: allowed, no identifiable person
Advertisment: allowed, image is taken from
a public street


There are a lot of legal regulations, which differ from country to country. In Germany exists the “Freedom of Panorama”.

You are free to take pictures of every building and provide them commercially, as long as you do not enter the owners' property. This does not include images taken from the opposite building, using high-tripods, drones, planes or similar tools.

If the architect/constructor has been dead for more than 70 years, the photo is free for every kind of usage.



Shootings taken in gardens, public parks, museums, but as well in hotels, restaurants or private homes always require the owners' permission, no matter for which application.

Exceptions are made for current reporting of a significant public interest.

Cultural attractions

Editorial: allowed, no indentifiable person
Advertisement: allwoed, image is taken from a public street


In Germany exists the “Freedom of Panorama”. But for commercial use you must not enter the owners' property or building.

In Germany cultural attractions are carried on and cherished by palace departments (responsible are the federal states). If the entrance is not free, you will find references concerning the terms of photography there.

Take a look on the websites of the palace departments. Useful hints for commercial usage of taken photos can be found there. For example:

Another example: exterior shots of Hundertwasser's buildings in Germany are applied to the “Freedom of Panorama”, but not in Austria.



Pictures of ICE trains of the German Railways must not be published or be used commercially, because the Copyright is being claimed by the German Railways.

Shootings taken on infrastructural terrain (train stations, airports, ports, etc.) always require the owner's permission and are to be submitted to delosfoto.



For a free usage of such a photo, the author of the artwork has to be dead for more than 70 years.

In Germany pictures of public exhibited and lasting artworks apply to the “Freedom of Panorama”. Editorial usage is possible. If promotional usage is planned, we will contact the originator of the artwork.

Temporary placed artworks are not applied to the “Freedom of Panorama”.

As artworks normally are shown in museums or galleries, it is clear that a permission or a property contract is needed. Please send us the required documents along with the images.

Graffiti are artworks as well. However, it will be difficult to find the originator, a property release is still needed.

Trademarks, brands, logos

Editorial: allowed related to company reports
Advertisement: impossible


Images containing registered trademarks or logos must not be published or used without property release. Editorial usage is possible, if the shooting took place under the application of the “Freedom of Panorama”.

Some companies (Apple) and organizations (FIFA, IOC, Formula 1) prohibit the publishing of their trademarks or logos completely.

Find out about the legal terms, for example from the operators of soccer stadiums.







Editorial: allowed
Advertisment: allowed, all number plates removed


Many companies protect their product designs, hence property releases for usage are required.


For the selling of your pictures, a shot without visible trademarks or logos is favorable, for it avoids legal problems.

An example: the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle is protected, even without showing the emblem.

Coins, banknotes, stamps, maps are products, where the copyright is held by others. In this case it is your duty, to find out about the property releases for the usage of each motif.

Remove or pixelate number plates from every vehicle.



Pictures of children in crowds (bus station) are welcome, even if only editorial use is allowed. If there are any children in the foreground and therefore identifiable, however, a model release, signed by the parents, is required.

Nude photos of children are expressly excluded from any form of dissemination.

Illegal contents


delosfoto does not accept immoral, illegal or pornographic images. The decision about the compability with the ethical principles of delosfoto is up to the employees of the delosfoto GmbH.

Downloads and Links


Photographer contract delosfoto


Picture research, translations:

Important issues


Photographers questions about a collaboration with delosfoto

in advance:


as photo agency, delosfoto is always available for you. We happily answer all your questions.


0049 (0)171 3572390 *


If you are planning any projects, feel free to contact us. We will let you know, if the planned project has already been commissioned by delosfoto or is actually worked on by another one of delosfoto's photographers.


delosfoto lists up requests, which cannot be served yet. As registered photographer you are able to check this list online in your account.


We provide you with objective feedback, concerning your sales prospects.

Photographer contract


The collaboration between delosfoto agency and photographers is regulated by a photographer contract. Request a sample contract. It regulates the following points:

Identical or similar images must not be provided to other photo-agencies. 

You are assigning the worldwide exploitation and usage rights to delosfoto, with an appropriate agreement exclusively.

The ownership of the original images (analogue or digital) remains with the photographer. Pictures, which are already in the database cannot be withdrawn when published.

delosfoto does not have the the opportunity to decide about the usage of a picture. Hence every sold picture can be edited, composed, transformed or alienated under usage.

All agreements which are made between the photographer and delosfoto, are only referring to the provided images.

The contract can be adjusted individually.

Image description


The captioning of the base data (date of recording, location, etc.) and technical data is done by the photographer. Careful work leads to good accessibility of your photos.

Information and documents


All information and documents you require are always available online, in your account. Documents are usually provided as PDF-formats, so they can be viewed on any computer.

In detail, we have provided the following documents:

Information about image description


Further information on the working methods of the program and how to describe the selected and uploaded pictures.

Included are parts of the existing base data- and tag-lists.


General information including photographical and technical issues


Rights clearance

All you need is internet access, in order to download all required property- or model-releases all over the world. These releases have to be signed by the models and are prerequisites for commercial usage of images.


Along with the transmission of the property-release, after description of the images, you warrant to delosfoto GmbH, that you are the owner of the pictures and that the image description is correct.



For a mostly flexible and oriented adaption to the interests of our customers, delsofoto provides a “wanted-list”. Upon it, special request from customers are listed.

Registered photographers can take a look at the document at the menu “resources”. The list is adapted monthly, whereby the recent entries are highlighted red.

Particularly urgent requests are given directly to the photographers.

Upload images


Can I do the uploading by myself?

Theoretically it is possible, but not yet envisaged.

After screening the images and a quality check, delosfoto imports them into the data base. The original data is saved on a in-house server, where a thumbnail for the web view is generated.

Contrast and sharpness of each picture are optimized before upload. Afterwards, delosfoto's employees assign the images to the photographer for a further editing. Now the photographer can make the description.



Depending on the frequency of their sales, photographers get a monthly or quarterly payroll report. Along with that, you receive a detailed list of your sold images total amount via Bank Transfer.

The report includes all information, to make the payroll as transparent as possible:

  • Article number of the image in delosfoto's database

  • Image descriptions of “caption”, “location”, “state”, “country” and “city”

  • Description of the usage

  • Total proceeds from the customer's invoice

  • Out of it the photographer's amount

  • Deductions from the fees for promotion services, delivered by delosfoto

Image technology


Unfortunately delosfoto can only accept high quality pictures. Analogous materials are only eligible as Diapositive.

The bigger the original format, the better the sales opprtunities. We happily accept scans from Diapositives, if they are .tif-formated and provide more than 4000 dpi with a 16-bit color depth. Use delosfoto's scanservice.


Digital cameras should have a minimum resolution of 12 mega pixel and the image sensor should be as large as possible. Please deliver the images uncompressed, with 16 bit per pixel color resolution.


We are planning to create a own section for smartphone images in the future.

Planning images


The plan: “How it could be...”

Good images are left for the mind to compose and only then the concept takes place through the camera.


Well prepared we aim for a destination, already knowing which photos will occur. Early on we get information about the geographic location and the related general requirements (for example: when is the sun favourable?), so we can do the appropriate planning.


During romantic sunsets we are not enjoying good food and wine in a delightful atmosphere, but occupying the chosen place for the perfect shot.


Obviously we are not rushing from one attraction to another, but remaining untiringly at one place until the photo is snapped.


If the weather is not optimal, we're concentrating on the details, but flexible to change the place in case the sun brakes through and enables making a breathtaking shot.


We focus on worthwhile motifs, since they have the best sales opportunities, if we reach better results than our competitors.


After leaving behind this solid foundation for our work, we are concerning the correct exposure level of those interesting details we've found.


If you find this plan narrow and illusory, convince us of your abilities and your different approach, because creativity, originality and individual initiative are always appreciated by delosfoto.


Photographers at the photo agency delosfoto

delosfoto - who is behind that?

In order to give you an insight into the motifs and themes of our database, we here introduce our photographers to you.

By clicking on the single names, a personalized image search allows you to reinforce your first impression.
If a specific profile seems interesting to you, our contact form provides you the opportunity for a personalised commission.




Ulrike Bernauer
Plants | Animals | Traveling

If you are looking for loving attention to playful details, you will find them in the work of the Ulrike Bernauer. As a well-experienced professional photographer in local press, she has a preference for graceful beauties of nature and concentrates on the photography of plants and animals. Displaying the same attention to detail, her collection also features atmospheric travel pictures.




Jimena Carrillo
Plants | Botany | Conceptual Imagery

With her conceptual imagery Jimena Carrillo focuses on plants - and she does it with the microscopic eye of a botanist. Colourful contrasts and a high image definition allow a precised view on the amazing consistency of natural beauties. Remarkably, analytical accurateness and aesthetic finesse are not mutually exclusive here: It is just the minimalistic principle of composition which enables Carillo to put her objects in a pure, but effective setting.



Fotograf Steffen Fietze 


Steffen Fietze


Travel, Landscape, Cities

Mr. Fietze describes himself aptly: As a photographer and passionate hiker, I explore the world mainly on foot. The Alps, the vastness of Scandinavia, but also the low mountain ranges inspire me in all seasons. Since I studied meteorology, I am fascinated by the aurora borealis, which I have already been able to fotograph in Norway, Sweden and Finland (there are still plans for the next few years). Due to my freelance activity as a layouter and editor for a travel guide publisher, I like to be driven through well-known, but also less known cities of Germany and Europe, always looking for an interesting motive. In many travel guides I am also represented as a picture author.



Dr. Thomas Guthmann
Natural Landscapes | Plants and Animals | Still Life

Spirit of adventure with an eye for detail - this might be the most accurate characterization for the photographic work of the doctor of biology Thomas Guthmann. Whether in the vastness of Greenland, the volcanic landscape of Iceland or the native mountains of the snow-covered Rhön: The pictures of the wide-traveled photographer reflect an atmosphere of adventure and nature, telling about the desire for the last paradises of our earth.





Rita Hilbert
Traveling | Culture

As an inspired hobby photographer, Rita Hilbert focuses on impressions being caught during her journeys through Europe and Near East. The center of her motifs are important cultural monuments, but also authentic snapshots of the daily life of her travel destinations are part of her collection.





Dr. Fritz Jantschke
Animals | Nature | Tourism

You can clearly feel it: Whenever the experienced nature photographer Fritz Jantschke uses his camera, he is in the midst of events. Unique pictures of infinite penguin colonies up to the Antartic horizon as well as breath-taking animal scenes of the African and the Indian wilderness reflect a deep sense for authenticity. And not without reason - having a doctoral degree in zoology and working as a movie maker, a journalist and a tourist guide on all continents of the world, he has been engaged in zoological outreach for several years now.




Manfred Kastner
Bodman (Bodensee)
Nature | Still Life

Manfred Kastner transmogrifies his pictures into a place of reflection. As a photo artist, he treats the inexhaustible topic of nature without any claim to completeness. He recognizes the detail within the whole and the whole within the detail. He leads his recipients through continents, countries and landscapes even into microscopic worlds. In doing so, he by no means turns out as a dramatist but as a viewer, one with the desire for protection: His work is like an individual attempt for somehow keeping the world's beauty - be it in form of a photography.


Michael Nitschke
Architecture | Traveling

The photographer and photojournalist, who lives and works in Leipzig, is specialized in fine-grained architectural pictorial compositions. He always shows a good sense for unusual angles and shows the buildings in a skilful way. As a further focus, Mr. Nitzschke devotes himself to travel photography. Trough unusual compositions, he manages to bring the spectator on board and lets him experience the journey. In addition to well-known sights, the small things get their place aswell.





Thomas Schlegel
City- and Landscape Portraits | Culture | Aerial Photography

The photo journalist Thomas Schlegel has a keen eye for the dynamics of the moment. His city- and landscape portraits (mostly New Laender and impressions of journeys through Europe) do not only successfully capture specific motifs, but also the charisma of their original destination. A literally „highlight" can be found in his aerial photographs which allow to once take a look at the world from a different perspective.





Bernhard Wolfgang Schneider
Regional City- and Landscape Photography | Still Life | Portraits

While setting a regional focus on the local area of Potsdam and Berlin, the photo journalist Bernhard Wolfgang Schneider has been working for publishers, advertisers and photo stock agencies for twelve years now. His landscape photographs combine the romantic seclusion of picturesque hike paths with industrial cultural landscapes. His cityscapes draw a contrast between the majesty of historical monuments and the impulsiveness of modern city life. Beyond that, he also does still lifes and portraits.




Hendrik Snoek
Animals | Landscape- and City  Photography | Lifestyle

„Farm life with heart and soul" - that is the motto here. For Hendrik Snoek horses, goats, sheep, cats, dogs and poultry are blinking curiously and whimsically into the camera so that they easily conquer even the most sober minds by storm. Also charming are his romantic nature scenes and dynamic city views: With special finesse and attention to detail, they reveal enriching glances for the small and great valuables of our everyday life.




Alessandro Tortora
Traveling and Culture | City- and Landscape Portraits | Events Photography


Whether it may be the pulsating night life in the streets of Montmartre, the monumental façade of the Mannheim Baroque Palace or the bright sunset over the harbour of Lefka: In the photographs of Alessandro Tortora sensitive observation and vivacious participation merge into an impressive experience. His motifs reach from the microcosm of playful details in daily life and nature up to extensive panoramas of cities and landscapes. Not at least, the professional photographer's careful treatment of surrounding lighting conditions is essential here: It contributes to capturing the unique dynamics of subjects and sceneries while at the same time transferring them into a pictorial standstill of time.





Sigfried Thomas
Traveling and Culture | Nature | Still Life

Sigfried Thomas, the founder of delosfoto, has taken his longtime hobby as an occasion for a professional photo marketing. As his camera has been a well-proven travel companion to him since 1979, his motifs by now reach from the Indian Khajuraho temples over to the impressing coasts of Australia up to the homelike atmosphere of his own living-room. Of particular interest are monuments and landscapes of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, but also characteristic scenes of daily life can be found. Additionally, his collection also contains still lifes of utility objects and plants.



Dr. Anna Zdiara
Traveling | Lifestyle | Nature

Whether at home or traveling: Anna Zdiara discovers the picturesque quality within the inconspicuous and the ordinary. While professionally working in the area of urban management, she also captures urban sceneries from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo as a free photographer. In contrast to this, she just as impressively unfolds the the seemingly untouched segments of nature.




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